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Volkswagen Tiguan Experience – VR

An interactive virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive platform for delivery to Volkswagen dealerships to grow and enhance the sales experience.

The Tiguan VR Experience embodies the brand of Volkswagen’s flagship urban SUV as a vehicle that goes wherever life takes you. Featuring a customiser where consumers can design their own Tiguan, a leisurely drive across the surface of the moon, and a mini-game to pack picnic items or space exploration equipment into the Tiguan’s spacious boot.

Volkswagen South Africa were looking to augment the sales experience in their dealerships. We pitched an interactive virtual reality experience that would act as a powerfully immersive tool for salespeople to enhance their process. Working closely with VW SA, we designed a user experience that took consumers on a journey from customising the vehicle in the dealership to offroad adventures on the moon, keeping the vehicle at the centre of all interactions.

We oversaw production from conceptualisation, to script, to design, to development, to post-production and delivery over a period of several months. We premiered the project at VW’s dealer meeting in October to overwhelming acclaim.

Agency: None

Client: Volkswagen South Africa

Project: The Tiguan VR Experience

Date: November 2017

Conclusion: With a keen awareness of the consumer’s desires and needs, we designed a complete virtual reality adventure that blurred the line between fiction and reality.

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