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You’ve got a product that the world needs to experience. It might be too big to transport, or you want to get consumers “into the room” with it before you can get it onto the showroom floor. The real experience can never be replaced, but it can be complemented. Give consumers the opportunity to see microscopic detail on a canvas, discover unique selling points without being distracted by a pamphlet, and see it in action.

Virtual Reality

VR uses multisensory inputs like sight, sound, and touch to heighten engagement, understanding, and retention. Platforms are both fixed and mobile, so you have options to suit your needs.

Types of VR

Augmented Reality

AR combines the context of a real object or environment, and the detail of digital information to reinforce clarity and understanding.

Types of AR


A photorealistic game engine offers the opportunity to represent your product as tangibly real. It doesn’t even have to really be there for consumers to believe that they are standing alongside it.

Users can interact with that product in ways that were previously impossible. Not only can miscellaneous media be integrated and interacted with (like, information pop-ups or pre-existing video content), but users can manipulate the product itself. From changing its colour or texture in real-time to scaling it to see minute details. This offers a level of intimacy and exploration with zero distractions.

Furthermore, users can experience the product in situations that would otherwise be impossible in real life. Accentuate your brand story by taking your product (and the consumer) to another world (literally).

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Your facilities or products are world-class, and all you need to do is capture that, and show someone. Add in a few actors to spice the experience up, or give viewers a guided tour.

Give users a little bit more information, or interactive elements that allow them to navigate for themselves. Consolidate all the history of your brand or product into one digital art gallery, and hand the keys over to potential customers.

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Facebook and mobile browsers are powerful tools if one considers how advanced smartphone hardware has become.

It doesn’t offer the same visual fidelity as something powered by a graphics processor, but that doesn’t make Web AR any less powerful.

Users simply have to follow a link to bring your living room suite, or car, into their own home. With the touch of a button, your product can be in the same space as the customer.

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Leverage the power of smartphone technology to create a fun experience for consumers, or create something that will be installed on your tablets at an event.

If your product is too big and expensive to transport, simply convert it into a digital model and take a tablet to the showcase. Give consumers a screen-sized window into the world of your product, which includes integrating information pop-ups, highlighs or video content.

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