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UNHCR 360 Documentary

A series of virtual reality experiences for delivery onto any mobile VR headset as part of the UNHCR’s flagship campaign, The LuQuLuQu Tribe.

Ayanda Mackayi takes users on a journey across the continent to meet two citizens of Africa’s LuQuLuQu Tribe – the true embodiment of its spirit of Ubuntu. Maya is a young writer, who’s been trapped in a Kenyan refugee camp her entire life and Francine, is a baking teacher, who fled her home over 20 years ago.

The UNHCR South Africa commissioned a virtual reality experience to launch their purpose-driven ‘LuQuLuQu Tribe’ campaign to rewrite the African refugee narrative and create partnerships in the private sector to alleviate the African refugee crisis. They discovered a handful of refugees across the continent that best exemplified the qualities of the LuQuLuQu Tribe (essentially embodying Africa’s spirit of Ubuntu in their day to day actions) and we created powerful, short, 360 documentaries to profile a day in their lives.

We took on the project pro-bono and travelled halfway across the continent to meet these incredible individuals. We filmed in two countries and spent a few weeks in post-production to bring these documentaries to life, packing all of it into an app that could be downloaded and distributed across the world.

Client: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Project: The LuQuLuQu Tribe VR Experience

Date: November 2017

Conclusion: We created a pro-bono piece of content for the UNHCR in order to evangelise for the new, powerful narrative that they are creating on the African continent. We met incredible women and went on a journey that changed our lives forever.


We would like to thank the following people for all their help with this project and helping to create the best possible story, or something like that until cole makes this sound better.

Cody Pike

Ayanda Mayaki

Veronica Mahiga

Tina Ghelli

Aziza Vawda

Needa Jehu-Hoyah