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Our values as a team are centered around constant improvement. We want to enable all our team members to fill empowered to do their best work and improve their abilities consistently. We have a philosophy of trying new things, experimenting constantly, learning more and improving our knowledge and ability. We have a home for people who want that too. Take a look at our open postions and see if your right for the role.
Please email a brief motivation letter and your portfolio of any kind and use the position available as the subject of the email. Thank you in advance

Game Developer



Intern must have practical knowledge of a game engine such as Unity or Unreal. This includes but is not limited to:

  • How to use the interfaces
  • Creating a project
  • Creating a correct folder structure
  • Building for different platforms
  • Source control
  • Importing assets
  • Importing plugins
  • Importing packages


Intern must have basic-intermediate knowledge of a programming language associated with the engine they use.

  • Creating basic game mechanics
  • Working with loops
  • condition statements
  • coroutines
  • Able to read and understand someone else’s code
  • Understanding basic best practices for coding


Intern must have created prototypes that show that they have an understanding of the theory of game design. Solid mechanics, dynamics, user journey, and knowledge of what makes a good game/experience. Preferably intern has created prototypes not assigned by a university, ie: personal projects.

  • Able to break a game/experience down into mechanics and dynamics
  • Able to implement their ideas
  • Understanding scope
  • Understanding the difference between a good looking game and a good game