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‘Girls Night In’ – TVC

A 30-second television commercial to embody Citro Soda’s consumer and product.

We were tasked by Lepetta to conceptualise and produce a commercial for the second phase of Citro Soda’s ‘How to Life Hacks’ campaign. This included a 30-second television commercial for broadcast, as well as short life hack videos for Citro Soda’s social media pages. In partnership with creative director Je’mae Mountjoy of Jim Jam, we centred the campaign around a group of friends hacking the kitchen when heartburn strikes, linking Citro Soda to the over-indulgence that causes acid problems as well as aligning the narrative with the product’s function in addressing a multitude of acid symptoms.

We oversaw production from script to delivery, managing a two-day production with over 30 crew members and exceeding client expectations with no changes requested on our first offline cut. On the commercial, New Reality handled all offline and online work internally whilst external suppliers were brought onboard to handle sound and music. As a value-add we cut an extended version of the commercial for online platforms.

Agency: Lepetta

Client: Adcock Ingram – Citro Soda

Project: Girl’s Night In

Date: September 2017

Conclusion: Our awesome team focused their creative on the brand’s core identity, working collaboratively with many independent organisations to realise a product that exceeded client expectations.