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You have a message that needs to be represented as an experience. People need to see you first, and have your experience on their minds long after they’ve left. Immersive technologies offers the opportunity to make a lasting impression, not only because they are immersive, but also interactive. Give your consumers control and let them play with your brand. Let them zone into your experience, leaving the world outside for a few precious moments.

Virtual Reality

VR enables immersion bereft of external distraction by immersing users inside a digital (or photographic) world with a head-mounted display. The use of controllers, which use real-time tracking, enables users to interact with precision, and have total control of the digital world. Not only does VR boast higher levels of engagement than traditional media or other digital platforms, but it enables improved learning with higher levels of retention.

Types of VR training

Augmented Reality

If you want to fuse the real with the virtual, augmented reality is a technology that offers situational context improved with digital assistance. Anything that is an image can be a trigger, so pre-existing training materials or installations can be updated with more media like 3D models or videos. Objects can also be recognised by computer vision, so your machinery, for instance, can have a digital counterpart with interactive annotations.

Types of AR training


Interacting with your brand is the goal. The opportunity to create a unique world inside of a “limitless” game engine is yours. What does your brand’s world look like, and how are people going to interact with it?

Recreate any physically interactive experience as a game, with badges and leaderboards, or create an interactive brochure that takes users anywhere you can imagine.

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More so than ever, you need a mobile solution to showcase your experience or your brand. It needs to travel but give viewers the feeling of “being there”.

By capturing the product, service or experience that only your brand can provide with 360 cameras, consumers can cross oceans for the first time.

Other options are to have consumers see your brand from another perspective. Allow them to step inside your website, or service, as a digital world.

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You want to leverage the power of digital immersion without learners leaving their place of work. You need to explain the specific details and usage of specific hardware inside of a specific environment.

Learners need to carry on as usual with as unobtrusive a teaching aid as possible, and they need to see exactly how to perform a task, and exactly what tools to use.

You want experts to advise on processes in real-time, and guide learners without them having to demonstrate by example.

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You want a lightweight tool to help learners navigate complex scenarios. With a reduced hardware cost, scalability is more realistic.

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