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adventures in a new reality

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

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what we do

With an unprecedented level of experience across South African industries, New Reality has established itself as the premier immersive experience production company in the territory. A combination of our solutions-driven approach, world-class facilities, and unique portfolio ensure that you’ll standout from the crowd. 

train people

Digital media is ubiquitous, and trends are revealing that economies are adopting technologies that fast-track processes and reduce costs. Riding this wave is essential, not only to improve training, but to prepare the working class for a digitized and automated future. We’ve begun tapping the potential of immersive technologies, and the results are staggering. 

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create content

With every passing year, processors are becoming smaller and more powerful. The barriers to creating visually breathtaking content are becoming democratized. We have the tools that are making video production more efficient and world-class. Beyond that, we never let an established pipeline makes us too comfortable. We can’t help but play around, and push the boundaries further. 

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showcase products

Consumer’s minds are overloaded by thousands of marketing messages every day. The marketplace is flooded with attempts to grab attention and convert it into action. Immersive technologies are not only valuable because they command attention, and block out the din, but they offer transportive experiences that make the outside world a little bit smaller.

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create experiences

We understand the value of unforgettable experiences. They are why we have a business centered around immersive technologies. Yet, any technology is only as good as its message. So we create experiences that take the consumer’s breath away, but focus their attention on your story. 

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some of our great clients

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If your ready for the adventure in immersive experiences, lets get started. We are ready to show you the possibilies with XR technology to solve real world challenges.

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